When Things Don't Go Right

It feels awful when things don’t go the way we intended them to. It happens quite often actually, and we have different ways to deal with it. Some might get angry or some might get sad, but what we really should do is accept it.

There are two ways to solve a problem: first, we have to see if we can do something about it. If we can, then we take action and we actually do something about it. If we can’t, we leave it and we just accept it. We shouldn’t think about it anymore. That’s the key to solving every problem. And that’s exactly what we do when things don’t go right.

This happened to me just today, which is what motivated me to write this article. My friends and I were supposed to play football on Sunday, but the “organizer” didn’t reserve the turf! Someone else had already reserved it and we were left disappointed. So in this case, I could do something about it; so, I tried to reserve a turf. There good news and bad news. The Good news was that the turf had slots available, the bad news however, the players weren’t. How ironic, now nobody was ready to play football. Everyone had other plans. I was looking forward the whole week to play football, and this is what happened. Now I can’t do anything about it, so I just have to accept it and wait until next week for someone to actually reserve a turf properly, which I hope someone will definitely do.

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