When The Beacon Of Hope Dies

There must be this “Beacon of Hope” in everyone’s lives. It could be a person, most likely, someone who is the reason that you keep going, someone who motivates you to do what you’re doing right now. That person who gives you hope that you can also succeed, like a leader.

But what happens when the Beacon extinguishes? What happens when that person fails? Say, a leader who has led his people through trying times and has succeeded. That leader gives the people a notion that they’re safe. They can have hope. But when that leader dies? The people lose all their hope. They think it’s doomsday.

See, having beliefs like ‘if-the-beacon-of-hope-dies-it’s-game-over’ is not good. Never think that it’s over, don’t think if the Beacon extinguishes you’re done for, It has led you when you were at your knees, learn from it and carry its never-ending flame of perseverance and power. Stand up. If they fail, show them that YOU can pass. No one in the world is “perfect”. Every single person on this planet has their strengths and weaknesses. If the leader was good at something, they must’ve been bad at another thing, and you must be good at that thing. If you are not, then aspire to be. Overcome all your shortcomings, believe in yourself and you’ll pass. You can be the next Beacon of Hope. Everyone can be a Beacon of Hope. All you need is a little bit of self-confidence and you’re all good. If you lose that bit of self-confidence and self-respect you have for yourself, you have failed yourself.

Whatever happens, do not lose the confidence and respect you have for yourself. Those are the two things you need to have to be sane and not spark up a war in your mind.

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