The Power of Positive Thinking

We live in a harsh and hectic world. We get depressed quickly. It could be from what someone said or what someone did, something that happened and so on. We have two options: one, don’t do anything, stay sad and just keep remembering what happened; and two, do whatever you can to lift your spirit, forget what happened and stay happy. The viable option is option two, but most of us tend to choose option one because it’s just easier. What someone said doesn’t mean anything. They would’ve forgotten about it, but every time we see them, our own anger rises. Who’s in a better position here? They are, of course. They pissed you off and now they have this “peace of mind” which is utter BS.

I’ve sort of developed this idea called “The Loop of Sadness”.

Basically, sadness is a loop, and it gets triggered when you see the person “responsible” for the sadness.

It doesn’t make sense, I know, but let me explain.

Say someone called you fat, skinny, or whatever to shame you. Your first reaction must be a feeling of hatred and sadness in your heart. After the incident, every time you see them, you remember what happened and start to feel sad and angry all over again. This is a loop and is extremely hard to break from.

As I said at the beginning of this article, whatever someone says or has done to you doesn’t mean anything. The one who did it most likely doesn’t care anymore, so why should you care? How does it benefit you by caring? It doesn’t.

If you want to quickly lift your spirit and break from The Loop, do these: First of all, take a deep breath. Now smile. Smiling improves your mood. Now, laugh a little bit. However absurd it may seem, laughing always makes you happier.

Also, I mentioned this “peace of mind” in the beginning. To elucidate, the person who did something mean is said to get “peace of mind” for being mean. And you are expected to get “peace of mind” after violently beating them up. Balderdash. No one gets any “peace of mind”.

To get rid of this nonsense, think positively and embrace optimism. It’s very powerful. Optimism not only saves your soul, but you can use it to save someone else, too.

If you notice a friend who’s sad, just go and sit near them. Don’t talk unless they talk to you first, this is from what I’ve personally experienced. They are most likely in a state of mental trauma and just need some time alone, but since you are a considerate friend you are sitting next to them, so you must sit in silence. Just sit with them and enjoy the silence. If they are feeling okay to talk and talk to you, ask them what happened and try to help them. Comfort them. Share the power of optimism by driving away pessimism from a dear one.

Optimism is something that once you bring it into your life, will make it brighter.

If we have pessimist thoughts, we’ll only see the pessimism around us. On the contrary, if we have optimistic thoughts, we’ll succeed in seeing optimism around us.

I would also like to address the fact about pessimistic people. There are some people in our life that just kill the vibe when they enter the room. They might do it unknowingly or knowingly, but still, they are someone people don’t like having around. My advice is don’t be this person. Don’t kill other people’s vibes. Let them be. If you face such people, don’t let them kill your vibe. Just go away.

Cut the negative people off from your life. (Unless they are family. Your parents most likely would never do anything to hurt you. They love you, but they might fail to express their love, but always remember that they love you.)

Sometimes it feels like you are just not going to make it. It might seem like you’re at rock bottom, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay at rock bottom. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, you’ve come this far, why not go further? This mindset is crucial for living in this cruel world.

If you feel like giving up, know that it’s your sign to push harder. (~Unknown)

Stay optimistic and think positively. Never let negativity reach you. If you embrace the negativity, you’re doomed. Never do that, not recommended. Just believe you can and go for it.

If someone discourages you, you must shut them up, not by methods of violence, but instead by achieving your goal. Show them they messed with the wrong person. The most satisfying thing about having haters is seeing them after you’ve conquered. Prove yourself and do whatever it takes to do so.

In each and every aspect of life, try to find optimism. These days, we’re slowly spiraling into a pessimist pit. Don’t let that happen. Do good deeds and generally try to stay happy. It’s hard to live these days with all of this depressing shit.

Help others and make their day. I want to see the humanity in humans. I want to see more people helping each other out instead of relying on violent methods to separate humans based on ideologies.

Optimism is the key to living a good, happy and long life. Find your vibe, stay optimistic and help others to stay happy during tough times.

I love helping people and you should too. The best thing about it is that you can spread happiness and trust. Spread love, not hate. After helping someone, the smile on their face makes you happy resulting in the creation of a positive space. Do whatever you can to bring a smile on someone’s face!

Wrapping up, think positively and spread happiness, it’s crucial for living in this world.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.