Shopping as a Hobby

People have different ways to relax. Whether it be watching TV, reading or playing video games. One such thing is shopping. For some people, going on a shopping spree is their way of relaxing.

Let’s dive deeper into this.

How is shopping relaxing?

Shopping allows people to obtain what they want. Take the case of a reader. They’ll be buying books every chance they get. It makes them happy, as they’ll have more books to read and expand their collection. Feeding greed soothes it, and people do it again and again. That may not be the only case, though. Maybe they’re just an avid fan, and buying more relaxes them.

The main point here? Consumption and Collection.

So people shop to consume and collect?

Yes, collection is a strong drive that makes people want to buy something. Whether it be collectible figures for their shelves, or sneakers to wear a new pair every day and fill the wardrobe, or books, to read one after the other and having a diverse library. It’s like video games, you play it a lot to get more points, max out your character and buy them cosmetics. It’s addicting.

Companies often use this technique of chaining products. For example, Apple. Apple makes their products work extremely well with other Apple products. So when you buy an iPhone, you’ll slowly buy AirPods, an Apple Watch, an iPad, a MacBook, and so on. Many big companies use this strategy, while selling a product, they’ll showcase another product.

Another example is Samsung. Often when releasing flagship phones, they give you a deal where if you pre-order that smartphone, you can buy a Smartwatch or Earbuds at a discounted price. Profit for them. What about money?

To buy something that one really wants, one will do anything to save money. People might not do this frequently, maybe once a week, a fortnight, or once a month. The only thing they should be aware of is that buying what they desire shouldn’t make them liable to go bankrupt. They should be mindful of the way they spend, and since they shop as a hobby, it’s most likely they’re mindful.

The environment they’re in also contributes to going on a shopping spree. If they’re in a specific aisle of things that they love, they’re likely going to buy a lot of things, if it’s in their budget. Also, if there are sales, then it’s very likely for them to go on a shopping spree.

If they’re shopping online, discount offers and events would definitely help in obtaining their new prized possession(s).

Most people are rather young who do this, if someone is too young, their parents should keep a watch and teach ’em about finance young. Some people just shop to show off, and that’s kind of toxic, it’s cool you buy something new, but don’t stuff them into people’s faces!

I don’t hate people who have shopping as a hobby, I admit I do it too sometimes, and I can confirm, feeding the greed satisfies it. The only thing is being mindful while shopping for your needs.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.