As far as I can remember,

It’s what I’ve wanted to become

The thought just hung

And it felt right

It brought me joy

And a sense of fulfilment

I knew I was meant to be.

“But what would the society think?” they say,

Who cares?

It’s my life, let me live.

It’s my life, let me choose.

It’s my passion,

It’s all I care about

And I will succeed.

A dancer’s passion,
With each graceful move.

An artist’s passion,
With each stroke of the brush.

A photographer’s passion,
With each click.

A writer’s passion,
With each word.

I too want to show the world

That following your passion

Doesn’t mean failure.

It symbolizes one’s success instead

To have been able to make a living

From doing what one loves. That’s passion.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.