Our Endeavours in Space - Challenges and Opportunities

Space is full of mysteries that we humans are yet to explore more. From the first satellite to the moon landing, a lot has been done by us humans for learning more and more about the infinite stretch of heavenly bodies.

In a couple of decades or less, humans can definitely make space traveling easier. Space tourism is already a thing now for millionaires. On July 11 of 2021, Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Galactic, a spaceflight company, along with 3 other employees rode on a flight to outer space. Virgin Galactic has started testing its space flights, and in a few years, they’ll perfect it. A trip to space will cost about $450,000. In a few decades, flying to space will be as casual as flying to another state.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and soon-to-be executive chairman and CTO of Twitter, has ambitious plans for taking over Mars. He has plans to send a million people to colonize Mars by 2050. Maybe they’ll replicate The Martian. He further said that he’d be willing to die on Mars, but not on landing.

Let’s talk aliens. We can’t say for sure if they exist or not. Space is infinite, and it has boundless galaxies, and one or more of these galaxies could contain life forms. They might be more advanced, or they might just be single-celled organisms. They might breathe nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or even oxygen. There might even be a mirror world. We’re just living in a small portion of the gigantic universe. We don’t know anything right now. But we will, one day.

There is even the ISS. It cost $150 billion to build and is one of the most impressive works of engineering ever done. Visit the International Space Station, could cost about $100 million. This might become more affordable when even more private space stations are made.

Then about satellites, as of May 4th, there are 7,702 active satellites. The majority is for communication, followed by Earth observation, technology development, navigation, and space science.

We’re yet to uncover the mysteries of space. There are infinite possibilities, from living on the Moon, Mars, and beyond, intergalactic travel, space-time travel, wormholes, exploring black holes, and white holes, to even time travel. One day, in some way, we’ll stumble upon answers, and that day will be day one.

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