My Review of the Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat

It’s a great train, but there’s one setback, the price. The base level tickets are ₹865, but the difference is noticeable, and it’s definitely worth the price. The doors open and close automatically, so if you miss the train, then you’re out of luck. Similarly, the doors connecting the compartments are also automatic, which is pretty cool. The washroom is really nice. It even has hand dryers and automatic soap dispensers.

Now talking about the food, if you order it, you get really nice food. For example, for breakfast, I got Idli, a Vada, sambhar, chutney, kersari (a type of sweet), a Lotte Chocopie and some off-brand Apple drink, which was the only thing that sucked. For dinner, I got Chapati, dal, panner curry, fried rice, curd, mixed pickles and semiya kheer. It was nice! They also give little satchets of hand sanitizer, which are super hard to open. I don’t understand the point of it if you can’t even open it. They also give you a bottle of water upon boarding and a newspaper. They give you hot water in a glass and instant Tea powder, which is amazing, you can choose from Ginger or Cardamom. You just pour it into the cup, stir it a bit and you have tea ready! It tastes pretty good. It’s free during morning, but you have to pay ₹20 in the evening, and we had to learn it the hard way.

The seats are comfy, too. You can recline it and you get an ample amount of leg room. There are also charging ports under each seat, which took a while for me to figure out.

Overall, Vande Bharat is extremely good and it’s VFM if you want to get somewhere quick. It took only 3 hours and it was a great experience.

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