Longs Walks on The Beach

Going to the beach is bliss. What feels even better is taking long walks along the shore. This feeling is wonderful. Walking barefoot at evening, seeing the sunset, lazy waves hitting your ankles. The only sound is that of the ocean. Maybe a few cars, but mostly the ocean.

The ocean cleanses the thoughts, miraculously mood-lifting. Forgetting everything, and just walking along the shore, reminiscing. Walking on and on to what would seem like forever. But the walk would be worth it. A silent area of the coast, enjoying the setting sun. Still, the only sound is that of the indolent waves. Sitting down on the sand, touching it, holding it, a thousand memories zoom past. Enjoying the company of oneself, nothing has felt more serene.

Sitting down and thinking. Just thinking of life. Thinking of your loved ones. Thinking of what to do. What a miracle life is, beautiful, yet hurtful. That’s life. Having its ups and downs like the waves. Staring at the sea, almost meditating. That’s how soothing the sea is.

Getting up and now entering the water. The coldness rushing in from the feet up, a feeling of happiness surges. The water, crashing at your legs. Being one with the sea.

The moon almost taking over, it’s time to head back. Backtracking steps and watching the sea. The brain is soothed. A good night’s sleep would be nice. The beach should be visited every day, for it is free dopamine and oxytocin.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.