Just Know That If You Hide, It Doesn't Go Away

That is a verse from MGMT’s song “Little Dark Age”1, and it stuck to my head. “It” refers to the problems and responsibilities one has in life, and by hiding from them, they don’t go away, and I couldn’t agree more. I kept on thinking about this verse and how true it was.

Problems and responsibilities don’t go away unless and until they are dealt with, and I know they are a pain to deal with, but you have to tend to them, that’s life. No matter how far you run away, they will pester you forever, you just have to take care of them, once and for all.

If there’s a problem, you have to solve it because it has an impact on your life. And since there’s an impact on your life, you must deal with it. There can be no excuses, what must be done must be done.

If you have a responsibility, you must tend to it because you are responsible for it for a reason. The people trusted you, and you have to show them that they were right for trusting you in the first place. You must believe in yourself that you can do it, for your sake, for the people’s sake.

Everyone has problems and responsibilities in their life, even I do. I try to run away, but then I understand that there is no use in running. I then think hard, “What can I do to solve this?”, and once I’m done analyzing, I execute. That’s it, that’s one done, now just 99 more to go.

  1. It’s a beautiful song, I recommend that you give it a listen. I’m so hooked that I made it my phone’s ringtone! 

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