Don’t lose hope,

You’ve got to cope.

Hanging by a string,

Don’t let your ears ring.

Look at the sky,

As you fly.

Exquisite cloud,

As your mind gets loud.

Just have hope,

And trot the globe.

You’ll find a way,

To make it sway.

Yourself you should love,

And the one above.

Be brave,

And crave.

Success you will find,

Don’t look behind.

You’ve come this far,

Look at your scar.

You’ll win,

So just begin.

Think of the pain,

You’ve endured to train.

With your drive,

You shall thrive.

The journey you’ve taken,

Should leave the mob shaken.

Always be kind,

To the ones who mind.

Just have hope,

And climb the slope.

You’ll rise,

To the skies.

Right there,

Is all that you care.

Hold your head high,

So you won’t die.

Walk straight,

And don’t hate.

Just forgive,

And let live.

After all,

You didn’t fall.

You didn’t lose hope,

You did cope.

(This poem made it into a magazine, being my first published poem!)

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.