Everyone Is Skilled

There is a common misconception that those who are skilled at something were born with that skill.

That is absolutely not true. No one is born with any skill. For example, a famous musician. They didn’t come out of the womb playing a piano, did they? Nope, they started practicing from the age they could. They learnt like a beginner because they were one, they went through the ups and downs of learning a skill. No one can see the hardships they had to face to become a musician. When they rose to fame, people though they had natural talent and learnt all their skills overnight.

That is exactly the case. Everyone believes a skilled person became so just in a few days or months. What people don’t realize is of the years and years they kept learning to become so skilled.

If you want to be skilled at something, say writing, just write. Write out your head and heart. Empty your thoughts onto a paper or document. Share what you want with the world. If someone judges you, let them. You can get free judgment. They probably will try to point out your mistakes, and bingo, that’s exactly what you need. Feedback from a third party.

So, my point is, just keep doing what you want to be skilled at. Don’t stop even if people demotivate you. You just gotta work hard. It ain’t easy to get skilled at something in just a day. It takes time. A lot of time, and patience definitely is the key.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.