Emotional Attachment

There are some things that how much ever you try, you can’t get rid of. It might be nothing of physical significance, but emotionally, it’s precious. It occurred to me today while I was going through things to throw away when I saw some of my old collectible cars. I couldn’t imagine it was about to be thrown. I quickly collected them, when I saw another something; an FC Barcelona perfume. It must’ve definitely been expired by now, but it’s FCB, and I love FCB. I also kept it for the sake of the can. Then I saw a pencil case full of pens, which I’m pretty sure work well. I also saw my old bag, which damn I’m so attached to. I remember taking it to school during exam day like 4–5 years ago? Time flies.

That, dear reader, is emotional attachment. Some things that stored just for peace of mind. I wonder why I still kept them, it’s not like I’ll be using them again, like the collectible cars, but why did I keep it? I remember playing with them when I was a child. I couldn’t let them go. Nuh-uh.

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