Don't Procrastinate

Let me ask you one thing. Imagine yourself in this situation: you need to do something, which you know if you don’t do it will get you in trouble, but you are procrastinating it. What will you do? You obviously don’t want to do it and will try to push it for later. Don’t do that.

When you procrastinate, you try to calm your mind and say “Meh, it can be done later, I’ll just chill for now.” If you chill now, you’ll be running in circles later. Just getting done with the job will get you way more time to do other stuff.

Say, you have some homework due the day after tomorrow. If you keep pushing that, you won’t do it. If you try to do it at the last minute, you’ll just stress yourself. If you sit down and just finish it, you will be less stressed, knowing your job is over.

Try to finish all your work, if it’s too much, break it down into portions that you know you will be able to finish within a set limit of time. That way, you won’t need to panic and pull an all-nighter or anything.

Doing everything on time and not pushing it for later is an essential life skill.

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