Books are Magic

Have you ever noticed how time moves slow when you read books? On the other hand, time moves like lightning when you start scrolling through Instagram or YouTube.

You could read a hundred pages and time won’t have gone much, but if you sat and watched a hundred shorts, well, it would’ve definitely taken some time. That’s the magic of books.

Even if you spend hours on them, you gain something, you gain knowledge, (if you’re reading non-fiction), and you’ll still gain thrills if you read fiction. It’s like a movie but better, if you have powerful imagination, then books are heaven.

These days it’s hard to find time for books. We’re engulfed by other activities that take our time. So, it’s all-important to make time for books. It’s get easier when you start to incorporate it into your daily school.

That satisfaction when you finish reading a book is heavenly. It’s like all your questions are answered and now, you have to look for another book to devote your time to.

Reading books prove to be a great source of knowledge. Not only do they improve your vocabulary, you get to know facts that you weren’t aware of.

Books give you guidance and advice on how to lead life and how to be productive and reading them give you sense of fulfillment.

Whenever you read a book, it’s only rarely that you feel you’re wasting your time. Books are never a waste of time. (Except in cases where you should be doing something important instead of reading a novel)

Concluding, reading is fantastic. It’s a brilliant hobby that assures you that you’re spending your time well and you gain ample knowledge. Reading books is a rabbit hole of excitement, knowledge and fun that everyone should happily explore.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.