Hey, I’m Abhishek Hari

I’m a passionate writer and poet. I like to immerse myself in words, occasionally in code, too. Also interested in AI, football and music. You can find some of my poems here.

My Love For Literature

I write because of pure passion, and not for the money. I want everyone to be happy, so I write articles about self-improvement. Even if one person changes because of my articles, I will be ecstatic, because that’s exactly what I’ve wanted this blog to be; a safe haven for people, a place where people could learn new things and evolve. I thank you, the reader, sincerely, for reading my work. I wish you Godspeed.

I am fascinated by English literature, I love all aspects of it, but I have a special place in my heart for poetry. I have written a lot of poems and I like to be poetic, you could say. My inspiration to pursue poetry is the football commentator Peter Drury. His commentary gives me chills, he makes it sound like poetry. (Here’s a funny little story: So back in like 5th or 6th grade there was a history test, and one question was about a philosopher I think, and I literally wrote ‘Peter Drury’ as the answer. And guess what? The teacher gave me marks for it. I confronted my teacher saying “Are you sure that this is the right answer?” and she was like “Almost, the spelling is wrong.” I don’t know what happened after that but I look back to that moment and laugh a lot.)

I also love writing stories, and for that I would like to thank Jeff Kinney, the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. I absolutely love this series, it’s literally my childhood. I’ve read most of his books at least 5 times, they’re that good! He is the reason I got into writing in the first place. I’ve tried to write in Jeff’s style during my early days as a writer, but I’ve developed my own style of writing, and that can be seen through my posts. And another series that I’ve spent countless hours reading is Harry Potter. It is the most amazing piece of literature I have ever read, I mean it, for me, it was life changing.

Notable Achievements

KBS Kalanjali 2023

State-level Kalaprathibha (Junior Category, Repped Trivandrum)

In the same competition (State-level):

  • First Prize for Essay Writing English
  • First Prize for Versification English
  • Second Prize for Story Writing English
  • Third Prize for English Recitation (I recited O Captain! My Captain!)1

And in the district-level competition:

  • First prize for Story Writing English
  • Participation prize with A grade for Versification English2
  • First prize for English Elocution
  • Second prize for Essay Writing English

School Exhibition

  • First prize for PowerPoint Presentation (Solo, History, Culture and Diversity of India)
  • First prize for Coding (Solo, Computer Science, did three projects, Minecraft clone, Face Recognition and a Weather App, available on my GitHub)
  • Second prize for Working Model (Team, Geography, Grew a paddy field with a friend)


  1. I didn’t actually participate for English Recitation, Team Trivandrum actually reached out to me and asked my Dad if it was okay to give my name for Recitation. It was because only one other person actually signed up for Recitation and they had to send two. 

  2. Only two people participated for the event, so there can be no prizes, but I got A grade, so I was able to participate in state-level.